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Saturday, May 1, 2010

flabless. bubbye guts!

I was reading hollywood gossips yesterday and saw photos of those damn slender young hollywoods wearing bikinis and got so tanned and all.

Jealous? Um not so much.
But it inspired me to work out.
When was the last time i work my ass out?
I can't even remember! So lazy.
And it's not good. NOT GOOD.

I'm not saying that i'm fat or anything. But it would be very nice if i could lose some weight and shape my lower body up, firm and tight! Right?

So yeah. I choose to jog every morning.
I hate running actually i really hate running. But i have no choice! If i pay bucks to the gym, it would be such a waste because i knew that i'll be too damn lazy to go there.

Jogging in other side, is cheap and actually the healthiest.
I mean, hello? In the gym you sweat like a pig but in a room with an AC? Doh.
And swimming? It's hella fun but you're stuck with chlorine, pee and saliva. Talk about EWW.
But when you jog around the park near your house in the morning, you can feel the breezy morning and the warm sunrise, very retro huh?

So um yeah. Jogging.
Everyday for 15-20 minutes.
Start from 6 am.
Equipments: a cute Nike, iPod.
Wish me luck! Oh!

x x

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