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Monday, April 26, 2010

go japanese.

Where: Sanpachi, Saturday April 24th 2010.
Who: Me (Dion, and TLTN family)
What: Celebrate Adhie and Pria's birthday
Wear: GAP oversized jacket jeans, unbranded white tee, TOPSHOP tights, unbranded red flats, vintage bag, my own handmade tiger ears necklace

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

hedi slimane

one of the coolest photograpgher, for sure!
it's always sexy when it comes to his works.
the bold black and white photos are simply beautiful, very sophisticated, indeed!
never too much, always fierce, with a touch of rebel-esque, and freedom. major HOT.

lily allen on chanel

OMFG this ad is effin wicked!
Karl Lagerfeld sure knows what he's doing.
from watermelon colored prom frocks to sleek elegant jetblack ,
Lily Allen works this very well!

Monday, April 19, 2010

i ♥ you, mom

I'm in pain. I'm in a fucking pain.
This stupid fucking menstrual cramp is killing me to my very core.

But if menstrual cramp feels like hell, what did mom feel when delivered me in to the world?

my bucket list

I made most of these when i was 17, then i added some to make it 101. When one of these are accomplished, i'm gonna post it on my blog with a pictures! So here it goes, woohoo!

1. Visit europe
2. Make my parents proud
3. Get married before 30
4. Have cute kids
5. Meet Julian Casablancas ♥
6. Bungey Jumping
7. Be able to drive
8. Learn french language
9. Dye my hair purple on vacation
10. Make one meaningful tattoo
11. Learn ballroom dancing
12. Write a book and publish it
13. Back packing somewhere
14. Try at least 10 roller coaster around the globe
15. Learn how to make NY cheesecake
16. Scream as loud as i can on a beach
17. Go to New York on christmas
18. Make a message in a bottle and throw it to the sea
19. Have a shoe boutique
20. Take a picture with a president
21. Witness solar eclipse
22. Witness a meteor rain
23. Stop smoking
24. Five times pray everyday
25. Naik haji (what is this in english?)
26. Buy a car with my own money
27. Write a letter to my grandchildren
28. Take a picture of me and my loved ones everyday for a month
29. Swim with dolphins
30. Get a piece of art in to an exhibition
31. Go up in a hot air balloon
32. Throw a dart into a map and travel to where it lands
33. Scuba dive
34. See the world cup live
35. Learn to surf
36. Go whale watching
37. Go to every disney land
38. Eat in one of those under water restaurant
39. Join PETA and throw paintballs to those fur-freaks
40. Pet a zebra
41. Go to the zoo and take pictures with all the animals
42. Plant a tree and name after me
43. Make someone cry on april's fool
44. Win an award
45. Go to space
46. Pee in man's toilet at the mall
47. Buy a bird and release it
48. Ride a chopper
49. Have a physical fight with a guy who's 162 cm and 50 kilos
50. Cut my hair really short
51. Have my portrait painted
52. Buy my parents something that they really want as a surprise
53. Experience weightlessness
54. Grow a garden
55. Watch the sun rise and sun set on a same day
56. Kiss in the rain
57. Go to a museum on every country i visit
56. Read a book at the library
57. Write an article on my favorite magazine
58. Float on the dead sea
59. Touch a penguin
60. Visit a nude beach
61. Drink a vintage wine
62. Jump off a waterfall
63. Visit Greece
64. Visit USA
65. See mardi gras
66. Make a silly video and post it on youtube
67. Parasailing
68. Learn salsa dancing
69. Vote
70. Roadtrip to bali
71. Learn to yoga
72. Live in an apartment with friends
73. Learn to make sushi
74. Smile at 100 strangers in one day (statistic says you'll get 73 smiles back)
75. Finish a rubick cube all by my self
76. Play the sims 3 without cheating
77. Collect 101 pair of shoes
78. Experience the snow
79. Go to a drive-in movie theater
80. Have a penpal from a different country
81. And meet up in person
82. See a shooting star
83. Ride a mechanical bull
84. Milk a cow
85. Visit Alaska to see the nothern lights
86. Touch a polar bear
87. Wear a wig all day one day
88. Buy a big, tall swing set
89. Make someone quit smoking
90. Be in a huge billboard ad
91. Live at Bali for 3 months
92. Have a perfect set of teeth
93. Pet a greatdane again
94. Sleep under the skies
95. Eat at a unique restaurant
96. See the house i can't afford
97. Eat something very expensive
98. Dye my hair pink to a concert
99. Have a band and sing in front of crowds
100. Write a story of my life
101. Have the money to do everything on this list

Saturday, April 17, 2010

heart earth!

No, i'm not gonna write about scary facts about global warming that i'm so sure most people already heard about it, know about it, and read about it.

I just read this news about the Aral Sea, it's not actually a sea, it's a lake, a fourth biggest lake on earth, that's probably why they call it 'sea', it's located in uzbekhistan and kazakhstan borders.

Well, it's not big anymore. It dried up. Aral sea has dried up and shrunk by 90% on the past 50 years.
The Aral Sea dried up has been described as one of the planet's 'most shocking environmental disasters.'

Wake up. What does it take to realize that the earth is really dying?

Stop seeing other people, start seeing yourself, have you done something to save the earth?

Ps: As an official greenpeace supporter, i already stop using plastic for shopping bags and i use energy efficient products. As simple as that.

Friday, April 16, 2010

late night quote

“There is only one success - to spend your life in your own way." - Christopher Morley

fashion blogger?

Posting your personal style on your blog is hot right now, although, some people find it kinda overrated, including me, once.
But then i think, heck it's pretty much a cool way to express yourself.

I personally, adore fashion.
I've been working around fashion too. like in-house designer (but in the name of being idealist, i quit this job.) and fashion stylist for a local indie band.

So i think it's kinda fun to post my personal style on my own blog.
Will start posting soon! xx

Thursday, April 15, 2010

life's a bitch.

I just got home from my bestfriend's house to share a very personal story of my life, with ice creams and tears.

Sometimes, when life gets bitchy, friends + laugh + love are only the cure.
(Sometimes, drinks.)

And i'm so glad that i have people to share with. To know that i'm NOT alone is good enough. People have problems, different fucking problems.

But i'm not alone, i never was :)

Ps: thanks so much for khey and adyn for today. You silly bitches :))

Monday, April 12, 2010

sweet tooth.

when life gets bitter, eat sweets.

but who could eat this? it's too pretty!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

aji yudistira photoworks

Photographed by: Aji Yudistira

I first met this cool photographer around 2007 at Soho on a cool crisp jazzy night.
We knew each other actually a little way back from a social networks,
I fell in love with his works!
Then on that night i asked him to photograph me and my friend, Khey.

He did ask me to be his model but my stupid fucking job was crazy hectic so i had to say i can't.
Then everyone got so busy with their job, college and all.
So we meet again at 2010 when the three of us weren't so packed with daily routines.
We quickly arranged a photoshoot.
And meet up some more to discuss the concept and wardrobes.
And we got "summer/auntum" for our first photoshoot.

Make up by Veronica Cyntia (Tya) And wardrobe by ourselves. (Too bad our boutique "khey and kate" are not actually done yet, so we can't wear our own designed clothes)

Aji was a great photographer, he choreographed very well and he made me very comfortable with the raunchy jazz music that he played.
And again, i'm in love with his work.

Here's a couple of his uhhmazing works:

You can contact Aji if you need a professional photographer for a prewedding or a fashion spread. Very recommended!
Aji Yudistira: 08174877584, http://www.wix.com/upilupil/Aji-Yudistira-Photoworks

Friday, April 9, 2010

terry richardson

this wicked fashion photographer has lots of crazy ideas in his twisted head.
his works are mostly related to sex, but never cheesy.
infact, it felt very youthful with a touch of sex, love and alcohol vibe.

let's not be good, let's just be bad.
he made it genuinely cool.
and if anyone could made two gay superhero french kissing works, that'd be Terry Richardson.

whose wagen is this?

found this at Radio Dalam when i came to my boyfriend's band practise.
very hippie don't you think?


kurt and courtney.

john and yoko.

Ann: "careful.. that sounds like a classic case of falling in love."
Lee: "i am in love. i'm classically in love!"
- my life without me.

kath and dion.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

quake much?

Deep condolences for Aceh that once again got hit by a massive earth quake.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

late night quote.

"Now you feel like you wanna take all the drugs in the world, but all the drugs in the world aren't gonna change the feeling that your whole life's been a dream and it's only now that you're waking up."

- My Life Without Me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

crash landing.

It was new year 2009.
Me and my boyfriend went to a little party to celebrate the always-exciting new year's eve.
I had never thought that we'll end up into such a chaos.

We arrived around 10 to this little party my boyfriend's band mates were having. They rented a deluxe room at this karaoke place instead of hotel so we could have so much fun sing along. There were pitchers of beers and bottles of liquors on the table.

I'm not an alcoholic but i do love to drink especially on an occasion. Anyway, while singing cheerfully, i kept sipping and sipping, enjoyed my time laughing, even i myself knew that at some point, i was a little bit out of control.

The clock hit 12, most of us hugged to say happy newyear, and things were getting a lot blurry to me.
The drinks kept flowing and i kept sipping. I remembered i had 2 flamings. And gone crazy.

I didn't remember anything. But around 3 am, i woke up on the couch, very blurry. People told me that i fell and my head hit the marble table, bleed a little then passed out. My boyfriend (a 'casual' alcoholic but rarely getting drunk.) covered me with his jacket and sit beside me the whole time i passed out. Then i threw up, twice. My friends were drunk as well, one of them was literally passed out on the floor.

It was around 4 am that we decided to go home, which was a very bad idea considering that all of us had so many drinks that night. But each of them kept saying "it's okay, i'm not drunk, i can drive."
In a very very drunk condition, the last thing i remembered was asking my boyfriend "are you okay? can you drive?"

It was around 5 am, i tried so hard to open my eyes. I found myself still using seatbelt in my boyfriend's car. There were lots of people. But i can't find my boyfriend. He wasn't at the driver's seat. It was very hard for me to move so i just weakly scream his name.

One of the strangers probably noticed that i was awake, he asked me if i'm okay, or if there was any injury or something. I was very confused, did we just crashed?

There were also my friends who probably wanna make sure we were okay. I asked one of them where's my boyfriend and why the fuck he wasn't beside me. And they told me that he was drunk and now he fell asleep in one of his friend's car.

He never drunk. He can't be drunk. My thoughts were bouncing while my friend helped me to get to the car where my boyfriend slept in. I woke him up. God, he was all red, very drunk. I never thought. He saw me and hugged me so frikkin tight and mumbled something, i took that as an apologize. He had, well too much drinks.

So my boyfriend's car was totally crushed, both of us got lots of bruises and bumps (but thank God!), i lost my wallet, my boyfriend had to spend millions for fixing his car and we started the year with badluck. Oh.
Thank God we weren't dead or worse. Thank God we didn't kill or hurt someone.

Drink and drive is that dangerous. Lots of people i know actually died in a car crash. It was a good lesson for us though, now if we're tipsy we choose to stay rather than drive, or wiser, know our alcohol limit.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

blushing romantic

Yesterday, I went to one of the Indonesia's buzzest wedding worth like billion rupiahs.
From socialites to state officials.
All the posh goodlooking guests and a very gorgeous decoration.
It's the Nia and Ardi's wedding.

I arrived at the Mulia Hotel around 8 pm with my friends. I wore an ethnic semi-kebaya, very chic. Anyway, the parking lot was so packed with cars like Rolls Royce and Bentley and stuff. (Talk about goddamn rich people)
So to park the car, we have to struggle to those RI-car plates. And we spent like an hour just to park the car.

The lobby was full of paparazzis which was annoying btw. And all guest (approximately around 3000 guests) have to queue to enter the grand ballroom. The queue was fucking crazy long. We queued like an hour! Shiizzzz. But the preweds photos were so pretty and it was showed along the loooong queue journey probably to make the queuing less boring.

My first impression of the main ballroom, where the reception was held, the decoration was very gorgeous. Very blushing romantic. While still queuing, i can't help but whisperly singing along with the band that performs very well with piano, violins and all very orchestra-esque.

After queuing so frikkin long, i finally congratulate the newly weds and the parents, yadayadayada.

i let myself socialized a little then the first thing i wanna do is taste a little bit of this and that. It was too bad that i spent almost 2 hours on queuing that the yummy looking food is already out.

So i just had grilled gindara that they mix with types of mushrooms wrap with alumunium, the wagyu beef, shrimp cocktail, beef teppan, fish and chips, all in petite portions. The gindara was the best. The wagyu is runner up. But too bad that they ran out of food, i mean, you guys invited thousands of guests, aren't you supposed to spend more money on the catering?
And it was so hard to find the silver wares btw. Also the drinks.

So i took off around 11, and noticed that there was a little 'after party' with green laser lights and a DJ outside the reception area. They really do know how to have fun now, don't they?

So yeah, that was the most tiring wedding i ever went, the runner up was my sister's. Ugh.

I left Mulia Hotel at 11.30 pm and went drinking with my BF.
Doh, it was friday night!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

the April 13th

It's 12 am right now and i just had 2 cup of coffee with something.
Sitting alone in my frikkin freezing room with the lights off while listening to pornopop, i must tell you guys, it's getting very spacey in here. Thoughts are bouncing in my head. In other way, i'm sorta 'under influencely' creative right now.
Whatever. Today sucks so bad.
Oh man, i hate being an insomniac zombie spaz.

Is it just me or the time really does roll so fast it's already April? Thank God it's my most favo month. Well of course, it's my birthmonth *smirk*
Wish me a happy birthday on April 13th!

Anyway, since i was a kid, i don't like to celebrate my birthday. My siblings were like having balloons and invited friends over on their birthday, while i just wanted the birthday presents. Until now, i still don't celebrate my birthday. And i've never been a fan of surprise. It's so dull, isn't it?

For me a birthday is very personal. It sounds weird or whatever but i gotta have some serious me-time on my birthday, so yeah, i'll just take my presents and birthday wishes and scoot to have a quality time with myself without balloons without cake. hell no, i'll have the cake.

The "health, wealth, happiness" wishes. Every year i wish that for me on my birthday. It really sounds so dull. Maybe i should be more specific on my wishes, heck it's my birthday! I could wish whatever i want, right? Right.

So um, i guess, i'll just selflessly wish for 5 things. (God can read this, right?)

1. A cool job!
I wanna have cool stress-free job that i love with a bunch of cool people with a decent salary that pays for everything (concert tickets, saturday nights, ridiculously expensive taxi fare, cravings, new shoes, etc.)

2. At least 5 birthday gifts.
(Plane ticket to Bali, anykind of lomo, a complete set of painting tools and supplies, ipod touch and hair extenzo).
Yes, all of those are pricey.

3. Cash.
Yeah. Big bag of cash.

4. Lots of birthday wishes!
From the plain "wish you all the best" wishes to the creative one. Whatever. I love birthday wishes.

5. The "health, wealth, happiness".
Still. The best wish ever.

There you go!
Not too much, huh God?
Please please please make those come trueeeee.
(I'll say Amen on the 13th.)