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Saturday, April 17, 2010

heart earth!

No, i'm not gonna write about scary facts about global warming that i'm so sure most people already heard about it, know about it, and read about it.

I just read this news about the Aral Sea, it's not actually a sea, it's a lake, a fourth biggest lake on earth, that's probably why they call it 'sea', it's located in uzbekhistan and kazakhstan borders.

Well, it's not big anymore. It dried up. Aral sea has dried up and shrunk by 90% on the past 50 years.
The Aral Sea dried up has been described as one of the planet's 'most shocking environmental disasters.'

Wake up. What does it take to realize that the earth is really dying?

Stop seeing other people, start seeing yourself, have you done something to save the earth?

Ps: As an official greenpeace supporter, i already stop using plastic for shopping bags and i use energy efficient products. As simple as that.

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