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Thursday, April 1, 2010

the April 13th

It's 12 am right now and i just had 2 cup of coffee with something.
Sitting alone in my frikkin freezing room with the lights off while listening to pornopop, i must tell you guys, it's getting very spacey in here. Thoughts are bouncing in my head. In other way, i'm sorta 'under influencely' creative right now.
Whatever. Today sucks so bad.
Oh man, i hate being an insomniac zombie spaz.

Is it just me or the time really does roll so fast it's already April? Thank God it's my most favo month. Well of course, it's my birthmonth *smirk*
Wish me a happy birthday on April 13th!

Anyway, since i was a kid, i don't like to celebrate my birthday. My siblings were like having balloons and invited friends over on their birthday, while i just wanted the birthday presents. Until now, i still don't celebrate my birthday. And i've never been a fan of surprise. It's so dull, isn't it?

For me a birthday is very personal. It sounds weird or whatever but i gotta have some serious me-time on my birthday, so yeah, i'll just take my presents and birthday wishes and scoot to have a quality time with myself without balloons without cake. hell no, i'll have the cake.

The "health, wealth, happiness" wishes. Every year i wish that for me on my birthday. It really sounds so dull. Maybe i should be more specific on my wishes, heck it's my birthday! I could wish whatever i want, right? Right.

So um, i guess, i'll just selflessly wish for 5 things. (God can read this, right?)

1. A cool job!
I wanna have cool stress-free job that i love with a bunch of cool people with a decent salary that pays for everything (concert tickets, saturday nights, ridiculously expensive taxi fare, cravings, new shoes, etc.)

2. At least 5 birthday gifts.
(Plane ticket to Bali, anykind of lomo, a complete set of painting tools and supplies, ipod touch and hair extenzo).
Yes, all of those are pricey.

3. Cash.
Yeah. Big bag of cash.

4. Lots of birthday wishes!
From the plain "wish you all the best" wishes to the creative one. Whatever. I love birthday wishes.

5. The "health, wealth, happiness".
Still. The best wish ever.

There you go!
Not too much, huh God?
Please please please make those come trueeeee.
(I'll say Amen on the 13th.)

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