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Sunday, April 4, 2010

crash landing.

It was new year 2009.
Me and my boyfriend went to a little party to celebrate the always-exciting new year's eve.
I had never thought that we'll end up into such a chaos.

We arrived around 10 to this little party my boyfriend's band mates were having. They rented a deluxe room at this karaoke place instead of hotel so we could have so much fun sing along. There were pitchers of beers and bottles of liquors on the table.

I'm not an alcoholic but i do love to drink especially on an occasion. Anyway, while singing cheerfully, i kept sipping and sipping, enjoyed my time laughing, even i myself knew that at some point, i was a little bit out of control.

The clock hit 12, most of us hugged to say happy newyear, and things were getting a lot blurry to me.
The drinks kept flowing and i kept sipping. I remembered i had 2 flamings. And gone crazy.

I didn't remember anything. But around 3 am, i woke up on the couch, very blurry. People told me that i fell and my head hit the marble table, bleed a little then passed out. My boyfriend (a 'casual' alcoholic but rarely getting drunk.) covered me with his jacket and sit beside me the whole time i passed out. Then i threw up, twice. My friends were drunk as well, one of them was literally passed out on the floor.

It was around 4 am that we decided to go home, which was a very bad idea considering that all of us had so many drinks that night. But each of them kept saying "it's okay, i'm not drunk, i can drive."
In a very very drunk condition, the last thing i remembered was asking my boyfriend "are you okay? can you drive?"

It was around 5 am, i tried so hard to open my eyes. I found myself still using seatbelt in my boyfriend's car. There were lots of people. But i can't find my boyfriend. He wasn't at the driver's seat. It was very hard for me to move so i just weakly scream his name.

One of the strangers probably noticed that i was awake, he asked me if i'm okay, or if there was any injury or something. I was very confused, did we just crashed?

There were also my friends who probably wanna make sure we were okay. I asked one of them where's my boyfriend and why the fuck he wasn't beside me. And they told me that he was drunk and now he fell asleep in one of his friend's car.

He never drunk. He can't be drunk. My thoughts were bouncing while my friend helped me to get to the car where my boyfriend slept in. I woke him up. God, he was all red, very drunk. I never thought. He saw me and hugged me so frikkin tight and mumbled something, i took that as an apologize. He had, well too much drinks.

So my boyfriend's car was totally crushed, both of us got lots of bruises and bumps (but thank God!), i lost my wallet, my boyfriend had to spend millions for fixing his car and we started the year with badluck. Oh.
Thank God we weren't dead or worse. Thank God we didn't kill or hurt someone.

Drink and drive is that dangerous. Lots of people i know actually died in a car crash. It was a good lesson for us though, now if we're tipsy we choose to stay rather than drive, or wiser, know our alcohol limit.

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