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Saturday, April 3, 2010

blushing romantic

Yesterday, I went to one of the Indonesia's buzzest wedding worth like billion rupiahs.
From socialites to state officials.
All the posh goodlooking guests and a very gorgeous decoration.
It's the Nia and Ardi's wedding.

I arrived at the Mulia Hotel around 8 pm with my friends. I wore an ethnic semi-kebaya, very chic. Anyway, the parking lot was so packed with cars like Rolls Royce and Bentley and stuff. (Talk about goddamn rich people)
So to park the car, we have to struggle to those RI-car plates. And we spent like an hour just to park the car.

The lobby was full of paparazzis which was annoying btw. And all guest (approximately around 3000 guests) have to queue to enter the grand ballroom. The queue was fucking crazy long. We queued like an hour! Shiizzzz. But the preweds photos were so pretty and it was showed along the loooong queue journey probably to make the queuing less boring.

My first impression of the main ballroom, where the reception was held, the decoration was very gorgeous. Very blushing romantic. While still queuing, i can't help but whisperly singing along with the band that performs very well with piano, violins and all very orchestra-esque.

After queuing so frikkin long, i finally congratulate the newly weds and the parents, yadayadayada.

i let myself socialized a little then the first thing i wanna do is taste a little bit of this and that. It was too bad that i spent almost 2 hours on queuing that the yummy looking food is already out.

So i just had grilled gindara that they mix with types of mushrooms wrap with alumunium, the wagyu beef, shrimp cocktail, beef teppan, fish and chips, all in petite portions. The gindara was the best. The wagyu is runner up. But too bad that they ran out of food, i mean, you guys invited thousands of guests, aren't you supposed to spend more money on the catering?
And it was so hard to find the silver wares btw. Also the drinks.

So i took off around 11, and noticed that there was a little 'after party' with green laser lights and a DJ outside the reception area. They really do know how to have fun now, don't they?

So yeah, that was the most tiring wedding i ever went, the runner up was my sister's. Ugh.

I left Mulia Hotel at 11.30 pm and went drinking with my BF.
Doh, it was friday night!

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