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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

casablancas, julian

How do i even begin to explain Julian Casablancas? Some would say, his voice makes you wanna fuck. *nodding*. A very strong sex appeal with the coolest "i don't care what ppl think" attitude, very rockstar-esque. But aside of his gorgeousness and all, let's talk a little something about one of my favorite person on earth.

Born from a wealthy family with a famous daddy and a model mum,
Jules could easily pull hollywood off. But he nonchalantly chose music and until today, he has been successfully making loads of great songs since the first time i heard The Strokes.

His solo works like wow. I thought, when i heard Jules goes solo after The Strokes unofficial hiatus over the fourth album thingy, i thought he wasn't gonna do well, i thought he will probably end up creating the same songs The Strokes' used to play, with a bitter taste because hey, it's missing 4 other members.

I was bursting with curiosity about his new works (apart from the upbeat dancey collaboration with Pharell and Santigold, which i love btw) so i head to his myspace and there it was,
"I'll just nod, I've never been so good at shaking hands/ I live on the frozen surface of a fireball," - 11th dimension.

Umm, it's still an original casablancas' with a touch of new wave and electronic (is that trending these days btw?). Well the spacey throwback is kinda fun, it flew. a mix of 80s synths and trademark Jules' sexy vocal drawl (like a drunk grunge rich kid who doesn't seem to care about anything, although i think he's kinda sober by now.) Well yeah, overall it's not too far from The Strokes. So, KUDOS to Jules.

Anyway, my favorite song from his mini album "Phrazes for The Young" is Words of the Apocalypse. It works so well with his voice, very bluesly. Oh and the lyrics are guhhh-reat! Damn, Jules got a major talent on song writing.

And i've been enjoy listening to his new stuff since 2009 til today.

So there you go, you got gorgeous, talented, grunge, rich newyorker in one hell of a man! But apart of his well-done soloesque, i'm still Team Strokes!!!

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