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Thursday, March 25, 2010

comfortable sound

Sajama Cut (from left to right): above: Andre (keyboard), Anes (percussion). below: Dion (guitarist), Marcell (vocalist), Banu (drums), Randy (bass).

"Rin tomosaki would you come out and play with me, would you swallow my cum?" - Idol Semen, Sajama Cut

This Jakarta based indie rock band, Sajama Cut, is one of the English Lyrics band from Indonesia. And probably one of a very few indie band from Indonesia that collaborates with internationals artists (Japan, UK, France, Sweden, Italy, etc).

Cool, poetic, cynical lyrics about life, love and its surroundings are all written by Marcel Thee (vocalist). You can check their lyrics at www.sajamacutlyrics.blogspot.com

Not only the lyrics i love (and like to quote then put it on my twitter btw, haha) their sound made me fall in love. They currently release a new single called paintings/pantings, two words for it: fun and fresh. Listen to that makes me feel like sipping lemonade beside the pool on a sunny sunday with shades and a retro bathing suit. Pretty catchy tunes for Sajama Cut considering their sound before were kinda, umm, idealistic. You can free download paintings/pantings on their facebook. (Search: Sajama Cut)

First time i listen to Sajama Cut, i was like, well this is like meeting a humble stranger who seems familiar. Their music is similar to few indie rock bands, but has this humble sound that is enjoyable and comfortable, not boring and sounds fresh.

My favorites from Sajama Cut are Fin, Haunted Lights and Season Finale. Other songs like Fallen Japanese, It Was Kyoto Where I Died are cool too. You should check those out on www.myspace.com/sajamacut

Okay i do hook up with their guitarist but i really think Sajama Cut rocks.

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