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Thursday, March 25, 2010

scream my heart out

Live your life. Laugh more. Cry more. Feel more. Taste more. Try more. Do more. Know more. Scared less. Doubt less. Pray more. Play more. Ask more. Sleep less. Love more. Hate less. Work more. Work less. Think more. Dance more. Hug more. See more. Listen more. Read more.

Dance in the rain
Step on the wet grass barefoot
Smell the earth

Hug your loved ones
Tell them you love them
Tell it everyday

Listen to a music that you love
Even if people say it's lame
Who cares you love it

Make friends
If 'cool people' is boring and fake
Make friends with everyone you're comfortable with

Regret nothing
Enjoy life even when it sucks
Life is way too short

Be more all-out about everything
Don't hold back

Go to the beach
Scream as loud as you can

Look at yourself at the mirror
Say good things about you
You deserve it

Dance like crazy with stupid song
You don't have to be drunk
Just dance, like crazy.

Stop being so perfect
It's fucking boring
Laugh at yourself, it's fun

You're the main star of your own movie called 'your life'
Make it a good one
Start now

Stop searching for money
In the end, it really doesn't matter

Search for happiness
If money is your happiness..
Well then, go find lots of it
whatever works for ya

When you do have money
Spend it on vacation and food

Try everything
Don't be afraid to fail
Don't think. Just do it

Take pictures everyday
Make memories

Make a list of things you wanna do before you die
And really do it
Before you die..

Do good things
Do bad things
At your own risk

Be responsible of what you've done
You're not a coward are you?

Act like your age
Enjoy phases of life

Say what you wanna say
scream your heart out
But once again, be responsible.

Leave someone who hurts you
Unless you have a big heart to forgive them

Be curious
Ask a good questions
And find the answers

Have faith in God
Whatever your religion is
This life we have is temporary

Pet something
Talk to them about your dirty little secret
They're a really good listener and very trustworthy

Eat whatever you wanna eat
Exercise more
Be healthy, It's precious

Buy a good quality running shoe
And run
Like forest gump

Do whatever you want at your own risk and responsibility

Life your life to the fullest
Again, life is so short.

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