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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

favorite list vol. I

"silver white winters that melt into springs, these are a few of my favorite things" - sound of music

Beside of my permanent favo lists (such as YEN magz, Julian Casablancas, IKEA, playdoh and blablabla) here's a blurbs about my March-favo things!

New school Dr.Martens.
How grunge can you go? Urged by the spirit of The Clash, Nirvana and the return of the 90s, Docs' has a wide range of fan, including moi!

Marc Jacobs USB Hub.
Wowness fer his oldschool-mixtapes-designed usb hub! It brings me back to silly years of NKOTB.

Panda Bear.
Noah lennox's experimental awesomeness is now my new lullaby.
Ponytail is my favorite!

Karen Walker Eye Wear.
Because the future's so bright you gotta wear shades!

French Memo.
It's my sister handmade french memo! (http://two-silver-buttons.blogspot.com) Slip yer photos and notes or whatever. French it up a little.

Yes, my favorite decade, the 90's are officially back. Acid washed my jeans is a new hobby.

A little slice of BALI
Since my little sister moved to Bali. The photos, stories and virgin beaches urge me to go there really really bad.

Ipod Touch.
Enuff said.

McDonald's Coffee McFlurry.
Ever since MCD hits cinere, mcflurry has been wickedly oozing its way to my thighs and butt.

It's a short for DVD and CUDDLE. Tired of traffic and Jakarta's shenanigans, me and bf chose to do this routine around 9-10 pm.

French Poster.
Oh la la. Je suis tombé en amour avec l'affiche française!

I skip too many cool concerts! So yeah, going to a concert will be my favo thing this April!

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