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Thursday, March 25, 2010

splashing colors on a raw canvas

I was always the art geek in my family. From playdohs to paintings, i love making art. And i have no idea why the fuck i wasn't studying at an art school after highschool. Anyway, i've been vacuumed from making art for about 5 years because of works and you know, crazy social life. But i feel like back in the game.

Well, as a start. I sketch. I mostly sketch. These hands just won't stop drawing. I mostly use blank paper and a pencil. Yes as simple as that. I also paint. I mostly use acrylic and canvas. And i also do an embroidery paint, you know, where i drew something on a canvas, pick the embroidery threads colors and get it done with embroidery machine. So much fun. I name my first embroidery painting: Petra. I'll upload the pictures later.

And i've been seeing interesting illustrations from the world wide web for an inspiration. Nick lu's for example. His illustrations are so light, free, simple, and thinkless catchy. I so love his works. I adore! Super cool.

I've also been checking out some french posters, vintage mostly. I never realized that i adore french poster oh so much! I did order 2 french posters via internet. Can't effin wait for those to come.

Local artist, here in my home town jakarta, are awesome too. The locals gives a lot appreciation for art in every aspect and forms. So it's always cool to express yourself here in Jakarta. I forget the names but, you can buy art and design magazines to see how cool indonesians artists and photographers are.

So i thought, well yeah i'd probably quit working on fashion. And try again this cool thing called art.

"with a brush in my hand, the world just gets kinda quiet." Young Ally, the notebook.

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