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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

say no to plagiarism.

Everyday, millions of photos, videos, songs, notes, quotes, blogs, designs, etc are being uploaded through any kind of social networking sites like facebook, deviant art, myspace, tumblr, twitter -- you name it. And millions eyes are glued everyday for hours in front of the computer.

Internet and its trending social networks obviously have two sides. It is without a doubt making communication, promotion and connection a lot easier, cheaper and practical. But on the other side, it has a huge part of nowadays crime, from fraud, kidnapping, underaged porn, piracy, cyberspace addiction, hate speech, to plagiarism.

Plagiarism in the internet or often in social networks, happens everyday to anyone by anyone. It is probably not as dangerous as fraud or as harmful as kidnapping, but plagiarism disadvantage its victim.

I was a victim a couple of times, and i can do nothing (no actually i really wanna squeeze the hell out of those chicks brain) so i simply private locked some of my sites like facebook for example, the least i could do.

Plagiarism is hard to stop but it can be if there's a clear cyberlaw about plagiarism and the awareness of each internet users to not copy others ideas and works, because plagiarism is also other forms of theft or in my words, stupid fucking copycat.

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